Thursday, September 19, 2013

24 and Random Facts

I turned 24 about a week or so ago and thought I might record some random things about myself from the time I was born till now.

1. I had Kawasaki disease as a 2 year old. This disease is most prevalent in Asian boys so don't ask me how I got it, but I did. I was really sick and was almost helicoptered down to LA if I hadn't gotten better. It was one of those miracles. I received a blessing from my dad the night before I would of been shipped out and for the first time my fever broke, symptoms subsided and I was better for the first time in weeks.

2. I got "lost" the first day of kindergarten. I got bored at the small playground so I wandered to the big one and hid whenever teachers and people came by. I was lost for 2 hours.So help me if David does that to me I will home school him for the rest of his life.

3. I spoke in Stake Conference (a large multi-congregation meeting for our church) where 1400+ people attended at age 9. 

4. A bathroom stall door fell on my toe in 4th grade and it didn't heal correctly. They thought the blister got infected (gang green) but it got better and now I just have a weird shaped big left toe that hurts really bad if I stub it because it can't bend. 

5. I won an essay on Martin Luther King's I have a Dream speech in 5th grade. I got to read it 4 different times-school assembly, department of education building, a museum, and another place during Black history month. I might add I also won a savings bond which was really cool and the school had a special exhibit that all the kids walked past to get to lunch. (at this same time I also won the DARE essay and sticker contest). My peers did not like me (not totally true-I did have friends) but the teachers and administrators loved me. Case and point-I helped out in a 2nd grade classroom during the breaks (it was a track system) and one time the sub didn't show up so the Vice principal came in and out of the classroom while I taught for almost 4 hours. :) Seriously, I was 10 years old. 

6. I ran a 4:53 mile in 7th grade at the regional meet and took 5th so I didn't qualify for state. Got to love California.

7.I went to 2 different middle schools. As if junior high wasn't hard enough...But at the new school of 800 my 8th grade year knowing at the start only about 20 people I ran for school president and won. My logic was it would force me to meet people. 

8. I went to a public charter high school on at Fresno State in California. There were less than 400 students and I took Physics, Algebra II, English, Latin, Music theory-Musicianship class, 3 Band Classes, and PE my Freshman year. You can bet how fun the next 4 years were... We didn't take electives during the semester but spent 1 or 2 weeks at the end of each semester taking a "fun class."I love University High School. 

9.Through this high school I was able to play with our Wind Ensemble in Carnegie Hall and I was able to attend the World Scholar Athlete Games at University of Rhode Island. Both incredible experiences.

10. I was proposed to at a stake dance at age 15 (read our love story).

11. I went to play volleyball at the WSAG but the world cup was going on at the same time and there were about 2000 people there from a 143 countries. Coolest experience ever seeing country pride during those
10 days of games going on. We spent the first half of the morning in classes-I was in the same room as Bill Clinton, Bill O Riley, The Head of the United Nations, as well as some incredible other people I didn't really appreciate as a 16-17 year old.

12. I have survived a school lock down where a gun was involved. I took early morning seminary and we had to cross a big intersection (6 lanes) to get to school (college campus). One morning (The day of my AP stats test) I crossed the street to find the school locked up. The school counselor came out told me they were on lock down and that nobody would let me in (what was she doing outside?) because there was a shooting just off of campus. After me sitting in front of the school for a few minutes not knowing what I should do (the seminary building was locked) she finally took me to a classroom.

13.  I accepted to go to BYU without ever having been on the campus.

14. I planned events for BYU for a year and half and worked with budgets for tens of thousands of dollars (New Student Orientation, stuff for the presidents office and all of the faculty at BYU, etc...).

15. I did model United Nations but didn't go to New York to compete-College was eye opening about how smart and accomplished people were and I got freaked out about being surrounded by such smart people.

16. It didn't last too long because I became a Vice President in BYUSA over the Student Advisory Council and got to work with the administration about changing things on campus. I will never critique why school admins do what they do ever again. Seriously these people care so much about the students and are working tirelessly to makes students lives better.

17. I introduced and lead a discussion with students and the mayor of Provo.

18. I was in High School Musical 3 and got paid $80 to do it.

19. Chris and I watched a BYU game in the Presidents Box and I met President Monson, L Tom Perry, M Russell Ballard,  Robert D Hales, Jeffery R Holland, Quentin L Cook, Elaine S Dalton, some of the Sunday school and primary presidencies as well as the Governor of Utah, and some other important people. We lost but hey I was in good company and there was GREAT food.

20.. I met my heroes Richard G Scott and Henry B Eyring-both at random seminars at BYU.

21. I have studied : Latin (2 years), ASL (3 college semesters and I understand about 80% of what people are signing), Samoan. ( I can read and pronounce about everything), and Arabic....I could write the alphabet and do a basic introduction).

22. I have spent 3 summers (with my family at my in-laws) on the East Coast. This is also where I attended my first professional soccer game (go Liverpool!), Red Sox game, Orioles Game, and Broadway Musical (Wicked).

23. I was supposed to be in Jerusalem the semester Chris and I got engaged. You could say I gave up 1 dream (temporarily) for an even better dream.

24. I make cookies when I am worried. aka there were shots heard at UW tonight and Chris was still on campus and didn't get home till 9:45 at night after being in lock down for over 2 hours.

 Chris was working on homework and I was to chicken to go to bed without him (he just had a near death experience!) ok not really but I couldn't got to bed and decided to write this stuff out.

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