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When I get sick I get emotional. The sentimental kind of emotional where I love going through old pictures, journals, blog posts, etc..Plus we were reunited at a BYU football game in the Fall and I am also reminiscing about BYU's incredible win, seriously? Still wiggin out about it.
So for my new blog I share the love story of the Mr and I. I apologize for those that have read it, but it is just to good not to share. :)

My version of how history was made.
Five years ago this fall I met up with the only true crush I ever had.  I might have denied having a missionary a time or two because we didn't regularly write and I knew lots of girls loved him so I wasn't about to get my heart broken.  But I kept this picture from prom up in my room, dorm, and then apartment to remind me of the type of guy I wanted to end up with.

You see we did meet at a quad stake dance (Mormon youth dance), I wouldn't give him my number because I wasn't 16 and thought "I just blew the best chance I ever had."

I didn't go on very many dates in high school-group or single   I can count them on one hand actually so turning down this tall, athletic, curly haired, north stake boy was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Remember I went to a nerd school with lots of  orch-dorks and bandos (which I proudly was) but the athlete in side me always knew I needed someone coordinated.

Anyways. I waited-looked for him at every dance or activity, but he was a cool kid who showed up late and was flocked by friends for the 30 minutes he was there. Oh, and then he was gone again.  Fast forward, he finally does get my number after a quad stake priest laurel activity. We text a handful of  times.  He texts one Saturday saying he was close to Fresno State and was wondering if I was around, he had been at a AP Calculus review and it so happened I was at one for AP English.  I was going to lie but my friend Emily really wanted to meet him so she texted him and said come to the bowling alley at Fresno State.  In the 15 minutes it took him to get there Emily and Nikki both convinced me I should ask him to my prom. I was class president and had been working really hard to make it the best prom ever.  I swear I planned that prom better than my own wedding.

Well he shows up and I do the boldest thing I have ever done in my entire life. 

I asked him to my Junior prom.  Who did I think I was?  He was the perfect gentleman and said he would love to but he needed to make sure he could and he would text when he knew for sure. 

Little did I know he had a girlfriend.  

That is how well I knew this guy.  You can bet no matter how big the crush I had I NEVER, would have asked him if I had known he had a girlfriend, that is just wrong.  He got permission from her to go with me.  Little did she or he know that my mom and I had fasted and that I had been praying for months to be able to go to a dance with someone that was LDS and who had the same standards I did.  That was all I wanted and I can only thank Heavenly Father for letting this girlfriend say yes to letting him go.   Why else would she say yes?  Off topic.  

So the day of my prom actually comes. I spent way to long here making it just perfect for that night. 200 bags with  t-light candles lining the way to the dance floor, 185 hand made chocolate masks.  Well 8 girls ended up getting ready at one house and I had to cancel my hair and make-up appointment. I got ready in 28 minutes.

 He drives up in this.  It is his dads but still I had never been in a car that nice and as excited as I was to ride in it I remember thinking this guy is so out of my league in every way.  We get in the car he turns off his phone and puts it in the glove box for the night.  We drive to Wolf Lakes and from that moment on he is either helping me with the dance (re-lighting the 200 t-light candles), being harassed for being Mormon, having to explain why he would come with "molly" ( my nickname), or being the best looking guy there.

 I should have warned him but he was all ease.  We danced only twice the whole night. He led me by the hand to the dance floor.  We went on a boat ride. We talked about sports, hobbies, and well... the gospel the whole time. I told him what I first gained a testimony of, what I was studying in Preach my Gospel, the new member discussion I was getting ready to teach.  I was seriously so relieved to be there with someone LDS who knew what  I was talking about.  From that point on I didn't even care if he thought I was a Molly Mormon or this crazy religious girl it was just so nice to not be pushed to do things I didn't want to do. The dance ended and he had to drive me home. I lived 45 minutes away-we were in a fast car and he may have gone over a hundred  so we got there in 30 minutes but the best part of the night? the last 15 minutes of the drive. He went through everything I had told him about myself and I mean everything. I was so impressed he was actually listening to me?  That sealed the deal.

He walked me to the door, it was late and he had a stake youth committee meeting at 7:00 the next morning.  You can bet I was on cloud 9 as I walked to my parents bedroom and told my mom every detail.  She was impressed.  Even after that we didn't talk or text very much. I got a random text asking if I would play the flute at his farewell in the Hmong ward.  His family was moving to the East Coast a couple weeks later and I could only hope he would keep my address along with the 43 other girls there for him.  I wouldn't get my hopes up but he was going to BYU when he got back from Samoa.

Fast Forward 2 years later.

He gets my email from his sister by going on her facebook.  I shriek when I see the email. I know he has been home for 2 weeks because I commented on all of her facebook pictures of his homecoming.  He talks about meeting up, I give him my number in case he "needs help"getting situated or campus.  We meet up at BYU football game where she gets this picture.  He wanted to see me, and you can bet I wasn't going to let him go.

His version:
Did you know that Heavenly Father places people in your path that have the potential to change your life for the best? I am grateful for the special daughter of God he placed in mine when I was 17 years old. I had no idea how blessed I would be from one “chance” meeting with the most perfect woman ever.
My buddies and I went to Church (LDS or Mormon) dances often when we were in high school. We might not have stayed long, but we always seemed to at least show up. I remember specifically being at such a dance with a Halloween theme when I was 17 years old. My friends and I had just finished “moshing” to Yellocard’s “Ocean Avenue” or something similar to that. As the crowd cleared I turned around and felt something inside direct me to a group of young girls. One in particular was blond, wearing a black outfit and the perfect height. I had no idea who she was or where she came from but I felt an urge to approach.
I surprised myself as I put a quick plan of action together. I went to the nearest Halloween treats table and grabbed a small, plastic spider ring. I proceeded to walk past this group of 5 or 6 girls huddled in a circle. On my first pass towards the blonde girl of perfect height, I subtly dropped the ring at her feet. I slowly came back around and went down on a knee to grab the ring. She turned around – the plan was working! As she looked down at me I grabbed the ring, held it out while on one knee, and asked: “Will you marry, I mean, dance with me?” She smiled innocently and said yes (although I am not sure she heard me ask her to marry me then).
I was pleasantly surprised to discover how beautiful this girl was. I continued to feel something special as we danced. I recognize this now as a heavenly feeling directing me toward someone who had the potential to change my life for the better. We talked about the normal high school things: what school are you from? What sports do you play? Etc. It was simply awesome.

Soon after our first encounter I, naturally, asked her for her number. She informed me she couldn’t because she was too young to be doing things like that. Now that was a different response than expected. But persistence led to success and I soon (after she had turned 16) got her number. But I was in for a surprise. Her first text to me asked me what President Hinckley had spoken about last general conference Church meeting. Honestly, I had no idea. I made up some answer – families? She wasn’t afraid to let me know I was wrong. Fine then, I thought to myself. I quickly replied, “What does Preach my Gospel say that every new member needs?” I was pleased to find that she didn’t know the answer either.
We continued to text here and there. We went on a few dates. I was honestly in love with her, but petrified to mess anything up. I would often tell a missionary who was acting as my mentor by getting me involved with missionary work that she is the type of girl I want to marry. I always knew this. When my farewell came about I asked her to play the flute for me. I knew she was the type of person who would invite the Spirit into the meeting.
Serving a mission was one of the best experiences in my life. I gave it my all and focused all my efforts in being a worthy and willing servant. Sometimes missionaries would ask each other if there was anyone back home waiting for them or something similar. I would refuse to answer this question. We were there to work. However, one companion prevailed. I told him about this girl who was amazingly spiritual and beautiful. I told him that I would never be able to marry her because she was going to end up with an Apostle of the Lord. She is just that amazing.
When I got home from my mission I felt out of place. I loved seeing my family but I just didn’t feel complete. I remember casually bringing up "Molly" to my sister when she was on her Facebook next to me shortly after my return home. I was intimidated when I saw her picture. She was more beautiful than ever and she looked like a college girl. I somehow got the courage to contact her through email. We met up at a football game. She was gorgeous, fun, comforting and the example I always knew. She still is gorgeous, fun, comforting and my perfect example. I love her so much!

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