Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Boy Crushes

Saturday Mornings we attend a kindermusik class taught by someone who is LDS but teaches through this awesome program, click here. Now D has played with her before (she has 2 toddlers D's age) but, since music time he has become obsessed with Miss Jenny- or "My Jenny" as he refers to her in prayers or when we talk about her. 

It has been super cute and on Saturday night when I attended this conference David came with me and had to sit by "My jenny" He would randomly (creepily) just look at her and get the biggest smile. I love it! It also has been great because Miss jenny has a great voice and David is now super interested in music and dancing. He lets me put on different kinds of music (he likes opera-which I know is very difficult to sing but not my favorite) and anytime he hears a good female voice he says "My jenny is singing to me!"  

We are going over for a play date later and I am really excited for him to see the grand piano they have in their apartment. We have downloaded a piano app on the ipad that helps you learn notes and play music but he hasn't focused enough to let me teach him. Hopefully once he sees that Miss Jenny plays and teaches piano he will be interested. Overall we are loving our chance to do kindermusik time with both our boys. It is a sacrifice for the Mr (it is at 10:30 on a Saturday) so he normally has to stop studying to come but we have loved the different kind of one on one interaction we get with the boys. 
But really who wouldn't love this kid! 

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